My trip to the Maldives was incredible. I Booked my Holiday with Flying Deck Vacations and the Experience and service were Top Notches. They Give me The Best Package under My Budget and I am Pretty Impressed with their Services. I honestly didn’t want to leave, but my time to return to Bangalore was fast approaching. Going on this kind of trip really taught me the importance of isolation and deep relaxation. Getting away from everything to reconnect with yourself truly does something magnificent to you. During my stay at Olhuveli Beach & Spa Maldives, I experienced a lot of introspection. Being surrounded by water and being in silence is transformational. Also being away from everything and everyone, you start to think much more deeply and clearly. I felt the union between my inner voice and my thoughts. Understanding the power of myself meant being one with my inner voice. I also started to really get clear by eliminating the excess mind chatter and finding that inner place of oneness with self. I felt loved, happy, and energized. I do believe being in nature naturally does this to you. You don’t necessarily have to be in the Maldives to get this experience. However, you have to connect with the frequency of the earth and get out of the busy city life and into nature often. I commit myself to 1hr of nature daily by being surrounded by water, plants, mountains, and animals. It’s pure bliss for me. I hope this gave you some insight into the Maldives. With the power of your mind, you can go anywhere. Hope you get to experience this heaven on earth soon. Thank You Flying deck vacations Again for making My Honeymoon Trip really memorable. God Bless You..!!